Aura Kingdom Closed Beta Sign Ups Start

Aura Kingdom

Aeria Games needs testers to sign up for the Aura Kingdom closed beta.

Aeria Games is getting ready to open the doors to their upcoming anime style, free to play, MMORPG Aura Kingdom. The new title will be starting closed beta shortly and while there isn’t a ton of information about the game, the trailer at least provides a feel for the title’s art style.

Included in the Aura Kingdom closed beta information though are a few details about some systems gamers can expect to see in game:

Interactive Companions

  • Journey with far more than simple pets at your side. Strengthen your companions, utilize incredible combo attacks, and converse with them about your past exploits!

Elaborate Skill Trees

  • Pick which abilities to power up according to your style of gameplay. Experiment with different strategies and change your skills often to fit any situation!

Fluid and Fast-Paced Combat

  • Use an unprecedented level of mobility to your advantage! Glide through the environment and outmaneuver your enemies to survive dynamic attacks and abilities.

A World of Wonder

  • Explore an unfamiliar world brought to life with a gorgeous, detailed anime art style. Face titanic bosses, delve into exotic dungeons, and climb massive towers!

If I’m being honest, I don’t hold a high amount of hope for this title. While I will certainly sign up for the Aura Kingdom closed beta, I am just a little disillusioned with not only these types of MMORPGs, but also with Aeria Games as a whole. That being said though, I am usually the eternal optimist so I hope my above sentiments are wrong.

Let me know if you’re looking forward to this game though! You can click to sign up for the Aura Kingdom closed beta here.


  1. That music sounded almost like legend of zelda. I think ill sign up and maybe give it a shot though my expectations of Aeria Games is pretty low.

  2. Their games are beautiful and vibrant, but the gameplay just isn’t there. It’s all a huge grind-fest. One quest after another and never ending monster slaying until you level. The dungeons are usually boring and straightforward tank’n spank bosses. I MIGHT give this a try, just to give it a review, but I don’t see myself playing it faithfully.

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