Discounts, Content, And More Unleashed In Neverwinter Launch

Neverwinter Launch Featured

Time to remove the beta tag because the Neverwinter launch is now official.

We’ve all debated the merits of an open beta with an active cash shop. We’ve argued if the open beta rollback was enough to fix the larger economy problems. We’ve talked about all of this and more, but it’s time for new discussions to start since Cryptic Studios has officially launched their free to play MMORPG Neverwinter today.

For the Neverwinter launch, a new trailer hit the airwaves (really…”airwaves”? does anyone know what that even means anymore?), cash shop prices have been slashed on some items permanently, and of course the Gauntlgrym PvE/PvP content has been added.

Since we’ve already reported on the Gauntlgrym portion of things, I thought I’d give you the trailer then review some of the cash shop changes since this was a big point of contention on the Neverwinter beta forums.

Mounts, costumes, and armor dyes are all receiving some pricing love and although the discounts may not be as great as the sale prices were a week ago, some of them are slashed quite a bit.

New Mount Pricing (I’ve taken the liberty of removing the sale prices so there’s no confusion):

Previous Price New Price
Tier 3 Mounts 4,000 ZEN 3,500 ZEN
Tier 2 Exotic Mounts 3,000 ZEN 2,50 ZEN
Steeds 2,000 ZEN 1,800 ZEN
Golden Brindle Horse 1,500 ZEN 1,500 ZEN
Medium Black Horse 800 ZEN 800 ZEN
Tier 1 Horses 500 ZEN 500 ZEN

Costumes or retraining more your thing?

Previous Price New Price
Retraining Token 600 ZEN 300 ZEN
Wedding Attire 3,000 ZEN 1,200ZEN
Courtesan Wear 1,500 ZEN 1000 ZEN
Noble Finery 1,200 ZEN 800 ZEN


Finally, how about some dye pack pricing changes?

  Previous Price New Price
Tier 2 Dye Packs 600 ZEN 300 ZEN
Tier 2 Dye Bottles 500 ZEN 250 ZEN
Tier 1 Dye Packs 350 ZEN 175 ZEN
Tier 1 Dye Bottles 200 ZEN 100 ZEN
Dye Removers 300 ZEN 150 ZEN


New details have also been released about the upcoming module Fury of the Feywild which should add to the Neverwinter launch later this summer. Make sure to check out their new module page for the full content details.

Are you headed into the game now that the Neverwinter launch is official?


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