Rift’s RMT- I Mean Rift REX System Explained

Will Rift’s REX System be the love child of Guild Wars 2′s Gem system and TERA’s F2P system?

With recent scares pertaining to the Free to Play conversion of Rift, many players have begun to speculate and wonder if rumors of the coming Rift Exchange (REX) System have merely been just rumors or if there are devious and money-grabbing intentions being masked in the coming changes to the game on June 12, which also heralds the game’s Update 2.3: Empyreal Assault

With the release of more details via an official developer articleRift’s REX System has been revealed even further, though the revelations may be a catalyst to the paranoia of many fans and players of the game. In light of recent concerns, Rift‘s developers have tried to assuage the community’s fears, such as the ones spawned with the talks of providing PvE and PvP stat gear in the Rift Store that allow players to catch up due to them being the equivalent tier of what is currently the second lowest tier of gear.

The Rift REX System is another micro-transaction counterpart of the coming conversion to Free to Play. Details provided in the developer article has shed light on the new system and some of its workings. REX is an exchange currency that is purchased with real money and can then be converted into Rift Store credits. However, simply buying the Rift Store credits is a better value for players. That’s not all, however; the REX System then takes on the form of RMT (real money trade), because REX can be sold to other players via the auction house.

Rift REX System

As a means to eradicate concern over Rift gold farmers and sellers getting their hands on this REX and absolutely shattering the economy of the game, the developer has noted a distinct requirement to the Rift REX System. According to the official release on the Rift website, “REX will be available as items for purchase with real money on the new RIFT Store, and only players who have an account in good standing can buy them. By “good standing” we mean that you’ve had a purchase with us in the past that has verified you as being a real person instead of a gold farmer, spammer, or hacker. We *hate* those guys and don’t want to see them harm the in-game economy.”

Though I admit that at first I was elated to hear that there would be precautions taken, I then began to see a very big weakness that had not been addressed in the article. What would prevent a gold seller or gold farmer from simply making a Rift purchase, buy mass quantities of REX and re-sell those mass quantities? The reason why I feel this is a weakness is due to the fact that gold sellers and farmers will easily buy a game and its subscription in order to advertise. In my experience with the game, even in it’s Pay to Play subscription model, the game has been littered with gold sellers sending out mail and mass gold selling ads via the different in-game public chats.

So, how will you react if there are no other safeguards put into place? For now, I’ll suppress my Chicken Little “The sky is falling!” screams of economic anarchy, until other safeguards have been detailed, if there are any.