PSO2 Release In Asia, No US Update


Phantasy Star Online 2 was originally slated for an early 2013 Western release, after a delay and no new news, Asia will see the game in 2014

Phantasy Star Online 2 (PSO2) was released late last year by Sega in Japan and with a following for the franchise here in the States, players clamored for a PSO2 release here. Sega was happy to oblige at that time and announced that the U.S. would in fact receive a localized version of the game in early 2013. Gamers rejoiced, including myself.

Once 2013 rolled around though Sega had some other plans in mind. Back in March, Sega announced that the US version of the game would in fact be delayed. No real delay reason, besides wanting the best monetization system possible, was given and a new timeline for the Western PSO2 release was never detailed.

What HAS been announced though is that there will be a PSO2 release in Asia in 2014. The game will be handled by two different distributors depending on location with Gamania handling Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau and with Asiasoft (of RO2 publishing infamy) handling the Southeast Asia territories in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines. This localization effort is set to integrate local customs into each version of the PSO2 release in addition to language changes.

While this is certainly good news for those countries, unless you are just WAY too turned off with Asiasoft’s handling of the RO2 launch, what does it mean for a potential PSO2 release in the west? Will we ever see an official version of the game or will we have to be content with playing the Japanese version with the English patch, which technically forces us to violate the game’s EULA?

I have some fond memories of PSO in the past and personally hope we receive an official release soon. What about you?



  1. Oh man, I loved this game, hope a Western version is released shortly after this. At least for now I’ll see the Asian players as beta tester :P

  2. This game has such a fun battle system, probably one of my favorites for sure. I will agree though that they will probably wait too long to release this in NA, which is a real shame, because this is one of the few F2P titles that will have you coming back every single day for more, and hold you for years to come.

    The only thing you may really consider spending money on in the game will be additional MAG’s so you can tweak them for each class you play. Unless you’re into housing and such, because then you’ll focus your money on that.

    But if you decide to play one class only, you can enjoy this game as a whole without ever having to spend a cent. That said however, you can still play other classes, they just won’t be optimized and will have to gain more levels before being able to equip certain gear.

  3. FYI: japan is in Asia. On another note I would love to see this in the west, sadly though I don’t think the western market has room for another one sided asian port, they have to know that the grind till you drop shtick doesn’t fly here, we have been spoiled by things like upwards progression and world story arcs, excellent voice overs and deep enthralling PVE experiences, PVP and monster hunting aren’t enough for us, if they bring it over they would have to make significant changes. There is just no market for that stuff here. Sad truth, Because I also share fond memories of PSO and PSU

    • which had great stories themselves, just the stale endgame killed them in the end, people could only play for the love of the game for so long before they got too bored.

    • FYI: It was their own press notes that specified an “Asia” release, thanks though for reminding me that Japan is in fact in Asia.

      I actually disagree, I think the flood of Western users onto Japanese servers showed Sega that there was a market here for this title. However, I agree with an earlier comment that they will likely wait too long to capitalize on it.

    • Asia is a continent that actually includes places such as Russia, India, china and Korea. Japan is an island often grouped into the oriental subcontinent of Asia but not technically part of the continent at all. many people blanket all people from the oriental subcontinent as Asian but that is really a rather narrow and incorrect point of view.

  4. Will there be Culture interaction or will it all be segregated? I prefer other cultures to the local of my current.

  5. I was super excited about it like a couple of months ago because I thought it was coming out, now I can’t say I care as much. It’s sad because I really enjoyed PSO for the Dreamcast, but this is ridiculous. I might play it when it comes to the US, but I just don’t really care as much as I did when they first announced it.

    Between Sega, SquareEnix, and Capcom I’m not sure who hates money the most…

  6. I think they have utterly killed the game here in the US. Its now summer of 2014 and we still have 0 news about this game. Most diehards play on the JP server and are content to do so while everyone else has just lost interest. Sega blew their window and if they were to release the game here at this point I honestly believe it would be a failure. Sure they would have a few people play and I am sure that they would have a couple months of success but the fan fever is gone and I don’t think they have the ability to attract a sustaining player base anymore.

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