RaiderZ EU Shutdown Incoming!


So this probably gets filed under “saw it coming” but it is now official. The RaiderZ EU shutdown happens next month.

Here in the states the free to play, action combat MMORPG RaiderZ is published by Perfect World Entertainment. Our friends across the pond however have a version of the title serviced by Gameforge and today Gameforge announced what many people probably saw coming a long time ago (read: since right around the time Tera went free to play).

On August 30 the RaiderZ EU shutdown will be complete. While there isn’t a whole lot of details surrounding the situation, Gameforge did release a very short FAQ regarding the RaiderZ EU shutdown. From the answers, it really isn’t hard to see exactly what’s happening behind the scenes.

From the Gameforge FAQ regarding why the title will shut down:

“The success of RaiderZ did not meet our expectations and as we saw no other potential alternatives to the discontinuation of the services, unfortunately we were left with no other alternative than to take this step.”

Once the RaiderZ EU shutdown is complete, our friends in Europe that still wish to play the game will have to seek out a version published by a different company. This has a few drawbacks though. The obvious drawback could be potential connection rates with EU players trying to connect to Perfect World servers. The more inconvenient set back though is that players will have to start from scratch on those new servers as no transfer of characters between publishers is being considered.

The larger question this obviously leads to is what the long term future holds for the Perfect World version of the free to play MMORPG. If it wasn’t doing well overseas, how well is it really doing here in the West? Will we be repeating this news in a few months with nothing but the names and locations changed?

I’ll be honest, I don’t think I’ve jumped into RaiderZ since Tera went free to play. If I wanted some action combat game time Tera is where I went for a few hours. Have any of you been in RaiderZ lately? What’s the crowd like?


  1. I played the Eu version during the closed beta then open beta and a little after launch and found it to be a good game however since then gameforge did little to nothing for the game, many like myself were waiting for content like the Assassin class that Korea has had for ages now and other content yet gameforge did nothing to bring that even their Xmas and Easter events were very poor compared to the U.S version and they wonder why it wasn’t doing well and people were leaving there was F all to do, Gameforge are nothing but a joke, i have no respect for a company that does nothing then blames the game and the players for it’s failing.

  2. I played through Alpha , CB, OB and retail version of RaiderZ NA and work on the Game Dev industry.
    It was a really good game during the Development stage. MAIET was the only one touching the game at that stage and it was going really good. The game haves a lot of potential, problem is the poor management of Perfect World.. They don’t know how to profit correctly out of an MMORPG and tend to place game breaking cash items. In response, the hacking community bashed RaiderZ and broke the game completely to the point where the game economy was completely broken and PW couldn’t do a thing because of their poor management and how much money they squeezed from their users.(That sounds like they actually got money from their users which they did, but it was on the short term and now it is showing the drawbacks)That is exactly what happened here, and in addition TERA went Free to Play with a good cash items management and way much more in game content since it was planned as an AAA game.
    There is still one detail more, Since PW knows that they are not going to be able to save their investment with RaiderZ, they are focusing on their new game Neverwinter. This means less attention to RaiderZ and eventually users will start decreasing at a bigger rate until they reach the point where maintaining the server costs more than the income they get from their users.
    TL;DR: EU is shutting down, NA is going downhill too and it is just a matter of time until they shut down too. PW can do nothing to stop it at this point.

  3. Its maiet’s fault not gameforge or pw, maiet is the ones that make the changes and send the content to pw and gameforge. pw and gameforge cant do nothing because they dont own it, the reason its closing at eu is because maiet dont bring in new content. Every 3 to 4 months and how raiderz is it needed changes before it went live, its maiets fault not gameforge or pw.

  4. neverp layed EU version i played the US one and quit due to pwe taking forever to do increase the level cap after they increased it i learned the server i joined was dead and the everyone moved to the over server so i had no intention to go back idk if thats still fixed or not but i that was the last time i check Raiderz(pwe) one out nut sure why EU one closed but that probably forces them to go to the pwe version and they gotta start over which really sucks

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