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Wartune Overview

Wartune is a browser based fantasy MMORPG that mixes dungeon crawling, turn style combat, city building, crafting, and a small touch of strategy into one experience. The game plays in large part like a Facebook style game in that there are multiple currencies and while you do chose the abilities you would like your character to use in battle, your soldiers attack on their own schedule and you only have influence over who is in your party, not what they do.

Similar to other browser based city building type titles, Wartune gives players a plot of land to start raising walls around and building various structures, each with their own abilities. Build a City hall and level it up to raise the level cap of your other structures. Build a barracks and each level you gain will open up the ability to recruit different types of soldiers for use on the battle field.

Wartune is a game you’ll learn very quickly and not have to sink a ton of time into to move forward an inch at a time.

Gameplay and Graphics

Graphically there isn’t much to say about Wartune. The overall aesthetic of the game exudes a hand drawn type vibe, but the backgrounds are stationary pictures and animations are what was typical from browser based games a few years ago.

The gameplay in Wartune though is quite varied. Combat has a turn based feel to it without being bogged down watching timers fill up before you select your next action. The typical flow of Wartune goes a bit like this:

  • You have a few quests
  • Move to the next location on your world map
  • Enter a dungeon crawling type set up and fight your way through monsters to the end of the map
  • Return to your city to build new structures and level up existing structures
  • Visit your farm or your friend’s farm to gather or plant materials
  • In between maps, engage in a little PvP in the Arena or try to sack other player’s cities on the map


Questing takes the lead on your leveling in Wartune and leveling is essential to almost every action you take in game. Your character’s level determines the level cap of your City Hall and your City Hall’s level determines the level cap for all other structures you build within the city. While experience comes fast and furious at first, your structures will likely fall behind your level if you don’t have enough of a few different types of currencies to negate the cooldown between build timers.

Building and leveling up other structures allows you to in turn recruit different types of soldiers and various types of equipment or abilities for those soilders so the main focus early becomes leveling your city and building to strengthen your possible selection in partners when you hit the world map again.


PvP comes in a few different varieties in Wartune but not all are available right away.

  • Sacking – You can lay seige to player owned cities on the world map. While you can’t take over their territory entirely, a successful attack nets you plenty of rewards and currency
  • 1v1 – In the early to mid teens you’ll gain the ability to build an arena. In the arena you can initially only queue for 1v1 matches. These matches play out much the same way as normal PvE battles do where all it takes to win is to take out all of your opponent’s team before they take you out. Battles are fast but the cooldown becomes a headache if you can’t bypass it
  • 5v5 Team – Later in the game you’ll unlock the ability to queue for these larger team based battles


Crafting and enchanting is based on resource gathering and is influenced by the levels of various structures you have in your city. Adding items to your gear as enhancements is vital to your success on the battlefield as you start to leave the initial “lowbie” areas behind.

Currency and the Cash Shop

Not much to say here. The usual items are here, but the main draw to spending money is to get the damn cooldowns to expire between actions. Plays like a typical Facebook type game in this regard.


Part space shooter, part space ninja, Warframe‘s Update 15 is bringing a new game mode called Archwing, allowing players to take the battle out into space.

Equip your warframe with a set of booster wings, allowing you to maneuver in space and take the fight to your enemies in an environment previously not available.

The video teaser above gives us a glimpse of what space combat will be like in Warframes upcoming Archwing game mode, and space combat looks to be a ton of fun.

Warframe is currently available on PC and PS4, but will be making its Xbox One debut on September 2nd!




Drakensang Online is a free to play browser-based action RPG from Bigpoint. The game is played from an isometric, or top down, viewpoint and features many of the same gameplay elements as games like Diablo or Torchlight.


The game can be played in your browser and also offers are very small client download which allows you to play in a window without Java plugins.



If you’re familiar with action RPG’s then Drakensang Online should feel very familiar to you. Viewing the action from above, you will be mouse clicking your way to victory over wave upon wave of enemies, all the while collecting new gear and leveling up to improve your character.

Drakensang Online currently features three classes, the Dragonknight, the Spellweaver, and the Ranger. Each class has a progression path which will unlock a fairly wide variety of abilities, but each class will remain true to its original purpose. The Dragonknight is melee damage or tank,  the Spellweaver is a ranged caster, and the Ranger is a ranged physical damage dealer.


Players make their way through the world smashing buttons to kills dozens of enemies at a time and players can choose to quest, run dungeons, or just mob grind to their heart’s content.

To run dungeons players will need to purchase a seal fragment from the cash shop using Andermant, the game’s cash shop currency. Andermant can be earned by playing the game, but at a pretty slow pace, so if you are a hardcore dungeon runner, you will probably need to spend a few dollars.

The price isn’t too terrible however, with each seal fragment running 400 andermant. You can purchase 1500 andermant for $2.49 from the shop, and higher purchase amounts do grant bonus andermant with your purchase.

Even though the price for running the dungeons seems reasonable, the dungeons themselves seem very lacking, perhaps destroying that perceived value. A seal fragment is provided as a quest reward at the entrance of the first locked dungeon players come across, and this should have been Drakensang Online’s opportunity to hook players with a really great dungeon experience. Sadly this was not the case as the dungeon was very short, showcased nothing spectacular as far as terrain or enemy mobs, and dropped no special loot to warrant multiple dungeon runs. I simply saw nothing that would ever make me want to spend any amount of money to run a dungeon in the game.


Other than the lackluster pay-to-enter dungeons, I have to say that my gameplay time in Drakensang Online is always positive. Both the browser and desktop clients perform very well with minimal lag and no noticeable bugs. The visuals in the game are not groundbreaking by any stretch, but for a browser game Drakensang Online does look rather nice. Character model textures can be fuzzy at times, but the world itself is very well rendered and quite nice.

If you are a fan of action RPGs then you will likely enjoy playing Drakensang Online, especially if your machine has trouble with some of the more graphically intense games that have come out recently.


Cash Shop

The cash shop for Drakensang Online contains many of the items you would expect to find there, such as armor dyes and XP boosts, but also offers power items such as gems to equip in your gear, and essences which you can equip and are consumed each time you attack to do increased damage. The highest tier essence does 300% bonus damage to monsters and 30% bonus damage to players in PvP.


Other than the seal fragments required to enter dungeons, the other money sync in the game is the Crystal of Truth. These serve the same purpose as Scrolls of Identify in other games, requiring you to consume them to “identify” certain loot in order to equip and use it. The reason I call the Crystal of Truth a money sync is that the higher tier the item, the more Crystals of Truth you will need to identify it. You can acquire Crystals of Truth through mob drops, but once you get your first epic gear drop it will be pretty clear that you are supposed to make your way to the cash shop in order to buy enough Crystals to identify the item. I’ve been trying to get enough Crystals through mob drops to identify my first epic drop, and it honestly looks like the item will be useless to me by the time I collect enough.

If you are OK with buying power, the items in the cash shop probably will not bother you. If you absolutely hate cash shops containing any sort of power items, you might find yourself a little perturbed at the cash shop offerings in Drakensang Online.


When you play games that you enjoy, you tend to lose track of time. Perhaps the highest compliment I can pay Drakensang Online is that when I play it, I do lose track of time. You feel like you’ve only played a few minutes, and you look up and realize it’s been an hour. Not every game can do that, but this is one of the ones that can.

If you want a brand new cutting edge AAA action-RPG experience, Drakensang Online probably isn’t what you’re looking for. But if you are looking for a fun free to play ARPG that’s easy on the ol’ graphics card, Drakensang could be fun, and it’s definitely worth checking out.

Minimum System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7
Processor: Pentium® IV 2.4 GHz or better processor
Memory: 1.5 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT with 256 MB RAM or similar video card

Broadband Internet Connection Requied

Publisher: Bigpoint

Playerbase: Medium

Graphics: Low to Medium

Type: Fantasy Browser, MMO

EXP Rate: Moderate

PvP: Yes

Filesize: N/A



Adventure Quest Worlds Overview

Adventure Quest Worlds is a browser based MMORPG from Arix Entertainment. This fantasy based game is done in a cel shaded manga style and has limited animation. The player will navigate the world, accepting quests from NPCs and working to increase their level and advance the storyline.

maxresdefault (2)


The initial storyline revolves around the rise of a great skeletal dragon and its subsequent attack on the kingdom. Cut scenes and main quests continue this story throughout the game, however there is not a clear linear path. You could wander across these at any point.


Players begin by creating a character from Warrior, Rogue, Mage, and Healer classes. The character’s skin tone, eyes, hair, etc. can be customized before starting, however drastic changes to appearance will be made by items and equipment in the game and lead to endless customization.


The interface is mouse based with icons on screen for special abilities, maps, etc.

Characters have both a character level and a class rank that increases throughout the game. Character level indicates the character’s overall strength, however class levels indicate what abilities a character has access to. Each class has 10 ranks and additional classes can be unlocked during gameplay.


Quests: Quests can be received from any NPC with an “!” above their head and could revolve around fighting specific monsters, gathering items, or any combination of the two. Some will involve obtaining items from distant areas and returning them to the NPC. Others will be locked until earlier quests are completed. The reward for each quest could be any combination of XP, Gold, or special items.

maxresdefault (4)

A number of quests, items, abilities, and areas are only for paying members. The ability to have pets for example is something only members can do. Characters can also befriend each other and assemble parties which can aid with some of the more difficult quests in the game.


PvP is limited in Adventure Quest Worlds to special areas called Battlegrounds. Depending on the battleground, characters will compete individually for combat trophies that can be exchanged for special items, or as part of a team working towards a team victory.

The team play however is limited to two sides and the player is randomly assigned to one.

maxresdefault (5)


Overall, the game is simple to pick up and easily understood. There are few glitches or errors. For manga or cartoon fans young or old this game will easily become addictive. Content is available for children or adults, but children will be limited to drop down and not free chat servers.

Minimum System Requirements:

Web browser and macromedia flash player 8.0+

Broadband Internet Connection Required

Publisher: Artix Entertainment

Playerbase: Low

Graphics: Low

Type: Browser MMORPG

EXP Rate: moderatM

PvP: Yes

Filesize: N/A


Rift’s new Conquest map known as Steppes of Infinity is set to introduce players to new PvP-based objectives and competitive mechanics. In it players will fight for control over the Antapo and Brevo forts, or any of the ferries between the two bases. The new Rift PvP map is available to be played right now, and in this, its introductory phase, all Conquest matches will take place on this map alone. After the introductory phase has passed, Trion Worlds will begin alternating the Conquests between the new Steppes of Infinity map and Stillmoor.

The Funcom CEO, Ole Schreiner, has opened up in about the recent happenings with the company. Since the police actions of Økokrim’s raid on the game company’s Oslo office, it’s been revealed that the cause for the raid pertains to Funcom’s former CEO, Trond Arne Aas, and actions centering around the launch of The Secret World.

According to Ole Schreiner, two accusations have come to light since the raid. The first one is that from August 2011 until August 2012, Funcom manipulated the stock market. The second is that Funcom had in its possession wrongfully filed insider information.

Lego Minifigures Online

The future of the company will not be marred by this controversy, it seems. Ole Schreiner has revealed that Dreamworld, the backbone technology for both Age of Conan and The Secret World has finally been adapted to work on consoles, iOS, and Android devices. There’s also a great amount of optimism about Funcom’s future with the current focus on LEGO Minifigures Online.

For more details and thoughts from Funcom’s CEO himself, please take a look at the full GameIndustry.biz.

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